Kayak Odometers/Speedometers

Hi Everyone,

Do any of you know of any odometer/speedometers for kayaks?




gps mostly
Garmin Forerunner units are popular for training since they are programmable for intervals and the 301 can link so a HR monitor.

Any old gps should do for most purposes.

GPS instantaneous speeds aren’t the best but the reading average out okay over distance.

Speedmate (don’t know if it is still in production) was an actual speedometer that ran off a little impeller on the hull. Don’t know if it tracked distance.

I must be an oddball because I race and have never used a speed measuring device or HR monitor so I can’t comment on the equipment from personal experience but those items I listed are what I’ve seen other folks use.

I agree, a small cheap, handheld GPS will relate your speed, and more info than you may need or want. It can cost less than $100 and is lots of fun to play with. Garmin Etrex,it’s a cheap basic model that is water resistant. I take mine everywhere.

I gave my son a two piece GPS for use with his cross-country and track running. Timex makes a waterproof watch which operates as a normal runners watch but also functions as a wireless receiver and displays various speed and distance components sent to it from the second component. The GPS unit is about half the size of a cigerette pack and clips on a belt or strap. The watch also accepts and displays heartrate info from a chest strap.

My son uses the unit to work on his pace and finds it helpful. I have a 1 mile walking course and have used my Garmin to measure it. The Timex unit consistantly measures 5-9 feet short over the course of the mile, (dont know which one is closer to correct.).

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Garmen e-Trex Legend works great!
I bought a Garmin E-Trex “Legend”, 2 summers ago, and have been very happy with it so far! I paid $169.95 for it at Wal-Mart.

I set the screen to show the speed I am paddling, the distance I have paddled, the course I am going, and the time of day.

It works very nice!

A GPS is about the best way I have found to do this, and I did a lot of research on this subject before I bought one.