Kayak Oil Canning problem

I am looking for some photos of a kayak that has an oil canning problem and learn how it happened. I have a webpage on Kayak Storage Tips and I want to show other paddlers what can happen if your boat is not stored correctly. If you have any photos or a boat that is sitting in your garage with the problem and you can email me a photo - that is what I am looking for… Please email or call me and/or check out my website under Suspenz.com go to the page on kayak storage tips.

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I once saw a pic of an Aquaterra SOT very deformed on the hull, I shoulda saved it.

I’ve seen some pretty lengthy threads…
about the terminolgy regarding his phenomenon and I don’t want to futher belabor that, but can I ask the experts: if a boat is in the static state of oilcanning, is it acurate to say that it is alternately deformed and then not deformed?

Shouldn’t be hard to get a photo of a deformed hull…I’ve seen plenty of cheap rec boats with this affliction on the showroom floor.

try this…
i used a small car’s scissor jack. i place it on the inside of the boat with some wood bracing (on both sides) and cranked it open. voila! i let it sit a few days to be sure the dent was gone.

Oil Canning is permanent
Oil caning, hull flex from hydraulic force, may be a result of damage but generally indicates the lamination engineer failed. Short of a secondary lamination to shore the hull or a keelson with struts from the thwarts, there is no solution other than E-Bay.

Kayaks, not canoes…
The OP is referring to kayaks, not canoes, and no, oil canning is not always permanent. (although it can be)

oil canning
I picked up a used St. Lawrence Sea Kayak and it has a huge oil canning problem. I figure it was from sitting on a rack for storage. It is pretty much under the seat or just before it. I have tried to fix it by water in the sun and a weight. Then some hot water and weight. The disfigurement always returns. I’ll try to get some pics of it for you.


Read up
Oil canning is not the same thing as a dent or depression. Oil canning is when the hull flexes in and out as a boat moves through the water.

A dent or a depression in the hull caused by storage racks or other forces is simply a dent or depression (not oil canning)

oil canning
Mine would be a dent then.


dent vs oil canning
Thanks for clarifying oil canning vs. dents… it looks like I am in needs of photos that show dents and flat spots from not being stored correctly.

Search “Wilderness Systems Zephyr” for a picture of a dented hull.

big dent!!
Thanks - great photo of the dent!!!

Apparently a solution for
deformation is alsp ebay.