Kayak on Car questions . . .

im just about to go buy a sitontop kayak. it is almost 11 feet long and weighs 43 lbs. my car is a hatback, is old, and im not worried about the paint.

my dad used to have a canoe and he said that all i really need to do is put a rug down on the roof of the car, put the kayak on the top of the car, and to use a rope to tie the ends of the kayak around metal sections of my bumper. hows this sound??

i dont want to buy a roofrack (im poor) and im not worried about the car much. will the carpet keep the kayak from getting beat up?? will the kayak stay in place??

any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated . . . thanks!

better than carpet
get yourself a cheapy bathmat (the kind with the rubber on one side) at Walmart (or the discount store of your choice). Old foam camp pads work great as well. Tie it in tight. Happy Paddling!

Yesterday I loaded my
14.5 foot SOT kayak on the roof of my Honda CRX, it can be done… it looks funny though…


I don’t know how to post it as a link, I hope that works. You’ll have to cut and paste it. When you have to go kayaking you have to go kayaking!

Looks like a big green banana! :slight_smile:
I love it though!!

I did it with pool noodles

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When I bought my 15' Necky I put it on 2 pool noodles (get them cheap at walmart) and used ratchet tie-down straps through the car doors to tie it down. I also used rope to tie it to front and rear hooks.
It did put a dent into my roof, but it popped right out after I took it off.
Just be carefull with any setup without a proper rack if you're gonna be getting out on the freeway. I drove mine on the freeway with poolnoodles (which I still use on rack bars) but with the wind resistance it was moving a little bit. If you're getting on the freeway I wouldn't suggest just using the rope on front and rear hooks. Not to say that something would happen - tha kayak will definititely stay with the car but it may slide to one side to where it may disrupt your driving, and driving of others on the freeway.

I found ratchet tie-down straps extremely useful (about $6 for 14 foot length at walmart).

Hope that helps.


Quite eloquent!
I hope you found a use for that tiedown strap seen on the ground though.

Not sure I follow?
Not sure I follow?

we had that tie down
in the middle lol. We actually have a truck but we parked that at the end of the 15 mile paddle and then took the kayak to the river on my crx since it’s only about a half mile drive. It is good to know it will work now though so when it’s just my husband and I we can take the CRX on longer drives.

Of course you can!
I now carry in the back of my pickup, but have often put canoe, & sometimes a kayak, on top with waterpipe insulation from Home Depot around the coamings. Be sure to tie down properly, which to me means a V-tie in the front and at least one line over the top and through the door windows or whatever.

Hell fold down the front passenger seat down and slide the boat right inside, depending of course on passengers or not.

I once saw this tough little chicky just grab her boat one handed out of the Atlantic, carry it across A1A and stuck it in the trunk of her small import, fold the seat down or take it out and stuff it in, quite simple for her and only had to get the boat 2 feet off the ground.