Kayak on craigslist might be stolen...

I search craigslist often for paddling equipment and other things, and I see ad like this one:


where the seller clearly doesn’t know the first thing about kayaks but tries to give the impression that he bought it himself (“paid 3k”).

I am not saying this kayak is stolen but I know a lot of stolen stuff is sold on craigs, and I sometimes see ads like this one that seem fishy. I have no idea who made the kayak in the ad so I can’t really even do a quick google search for info.

Should I bother to tell someone else, or not worry about it, or what?

Dufus or thief?
Seller claims to have paid $3K for a 17-foot kayak and doesn’t know the manufacturer or model?

Doesn’t sound legit at all.

I know nothing about CL - does it have some sort of “report fishy offers” department?

That kayak used to belong to

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Peter-CA a frequent poster. I was bidding on eBay against him. Think he got it for $800 and sold it later

my vote says
dufus. For paying $3000

stolen kayak concerns
contact the local Redwood City Police department if you have concerns

Stolen/lost kayaks list
Matt Broze of Mariner Kayaks, still maintains a spreadsheet tracking kayaks that have been reported lost or stolen.


I can’t tell the make or model
of the kayak, and the list is no longer maintained. I guess I could look red 17’ kayaks, but I suspect that won’t narrow it down much.

Could you tell me
the maker and the model of the kayak? I might be able to tell if it actually was stolen if I knew those things.

still maintained
he has a link to a spreadsheet that he still tries to update. Being as it is is Excel format, if you can open it in Excel you can download it and do a cell “search” on location or any other descriptive category, or “Sort” it by date or type. I saw input dated for this Summer in it.