Kayak on Nonvianuk/Alagnak rivers?

Has anyone taken a kayak on these rivers in Alaska?

I’m agonizing hard over whether to take my Feathercraft Kahuna or an inflatable kayak to do this float, and I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has floated the river and can comment on its kayakability.

It would be key to have the foldable to paddle around Naknek Lake when I’m in that area (four days or so) and on the lower river, which is wide and about 2mph. It’s the upper river which is the big question mark – too shallow for a loaded kayak? Too many obstacles for a 14’9" boat?

Did some Boo huntin around

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Egagik (?) a few years back..can't help you with those rivers..I lived on the Agulawok River
(sp?) outside of Aleknagik near Lake Nerka and can tell you that on the Tikchik 5 lake system that the paddlin and fishin are some of the best in the World..remote
Try this board http://www.kck.org/listserver/rules.html

Thanks! Been a while since I
checked this, but I still haven’t completely decided . . . the working decision is that I’ll suffer and pay and strain with both boats through the airports and leave one or the other at a hotel in King Salmon. Thanks for the reference and idea for another trip!