Kayak on top of a MINI CLUBMAN?

I want to buy a new Mini Clubman but the factory rack has only a 3’ span and the kayak carrier is the kind that holds the kayak on its side.

I have a Q500 (kevlar/fiberglas) that I have always stored and carried on it’s bottom. I’ve never seen a touring kayak like mine carried on its side. Can one of these type kayaks, at almost 17’ in length be carried on its side safely on such a short rack?

So far, I haven’t been able to find any after market racks designed for the new Clubman.

Any answers or ideas? Thanks

more crossbar spread
the Thule Slipstream will mount to most factory crossbars and give you another two feet of space between its cradles. Put one on our son’s Focus and it worked wonders on his 16.5 foot Tracer.

My civic has 34" spread
And I carry my 17’10" Impex boat on its side all the time with it. No problems (so far ‘knock wood’)


Thule Slipstream

No problem
I used to carry an 18 foot boat on top of a 1995 Mustang with a bar spread of 29 inches. No issues. Just use bow & stern tie-downs at all times.

If you carry the boat on its side, it’s actually better, because thats’ the boat’s strongest dimension.

Go paddling & enjoy!

Whenever I have a kayaking question, I never fail to get useful info from the folks who read this message board. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

36" is fine
Just be sure to try and center the boat over the rack as much as possible, rather than centering the boat over the car. That will generally put your stern farther back.

In some states if it extends beyond 3’ from your rear bumper you’re required (technically) to use an orange ‘flag’ tied the to stern. It’s not a bad idea to get some orange day glo type marking tape and tie a length to your stern carry handle if you find the stern is way out there.

Go Clubman!

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I like the Clubman - but I can't part with my Cooper, so it's not going to happen anytime soon. The Slipstream looks good - it's the Thule version of the EZ-Vee. I think the Slipstream looks more adjustable, lighter, more fussy. The EZ-Vee is beefier, heavier, and quicker to load/unload. Here's my setup with custom (by me) adaptors to fit the EZ-Vee to the Mini factory bars (which are really good).



For reference, the Pachena is 14', the Struer is 17'. The best thing is that the whole rack and bar system pulls off the car in one piece when you don't need it. The main drawback is that the hatch touches the rack (not the boat) when it opens - but the Clubman would avoid that nicely. Motor on...

Racks for Mini
Cardelo, Thanks for the pics and another possible option. The new, factory installed, Clubman rack system doesn’t appear to be like the one you have. Probably would have to be creative to make the EZ Vee work on the new rack like you have.

Can you put two EZ Vees on your rack?

I’ll go look at the EZ Vee site and see what options they have.

BTW, we would be gaining a Mini. Wife has a Mini Cooper S and I may be getting the Clubman S when I’m ready. Right now I have a Subaru Forester which is perfect for my boat, but the mileage sucks.


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Kayakpro offers adaptors for Thule and Yakima and I think that's it. In my photos, the parts I made are silver - basically just rectangular aluminum tube with threaded holes to accept the mounting bolts of the EZ-Vee carrier. I disassembled the factory bars to slide the tubes over them (very simple). I've seen the factory bars on the new (2007) Mini, and it is the same cross section as mine, but they are longer bars with different (looks better) towers. I'd wager the bars are the same for the Clubman, but would have to see them.

Yes, I could fit two carriers on my rack, and with the longer bars it wouldn't be a problem for you. In fact, I've had one boat in the carrier and another flat on the bars beside it:

Maybe you should consider the Slipstream - it's about the same price and is more complete. They say the adaptors fit most factory bars, and the extending roller-loader in the back would help keep the boats off the spoiler. It sometimes is an effort to lift the boat over the side of the carrier, unless it is my SOF which is very light. Loading from the back over a roller would be a nice option to have. In fact, I bought a roller last fall but haven't designed a mounting for it yet. The major benefit of the EZ-Vee for me is that for my short boats (14') bow and stern lines are not necessary for short trips.


tere is no aftermarkte BASE rack for a

i did the research for my neighbor who has ordered her clubman…there is only the OEM one…but with that up there you can then use anything else you want…

on my subie baja i have a 30" spread…that is more than enough for my tempest 170 or the whitewater boats…

I carried a q-500 for years
using Malone J-cradles with no problem. With a short rack spread, always run bow and stern lines for security and stability.