kayak on toyota Prius

Has anyone set up a rack on a Toyota Prius? I have a QCC 600 and am curious if this will work.


no reason why not
I got a rack on a toyota echo and I carry three kayaks, 1 scupper pro, 1 tempest 170 and now an Outer Island…sometimes I replace the scupper pro with the Skin on Frame which is 19 feet long.


Sold my Impex Assateague to a person that had a removable rack he put on his Prius. I think it was a Yakima or Thule (don’t remember which). But, it definitely worked.

He used a removable rack, to maximize fuel economy on the highway when not carrying a kayak.

you can install a rack on anything.
(flame shield up) I have one a a porsche

I just logged on to ask the same question for my Prius…LOL

Not gonna flame you - -

This just tells me I should be able to stack a Aquaterra sea lion on a 2 door GrandAM - May have to put lights on the kayak though. With the way some folks tailgate, they would be under my rudder in traffic.

Helped load a yak on a Prius last summer
Last summer I helped a solo kayaker load a Current Designs fiberglass kayak onto a current series Prius, this was at Lake Kabetogama, Voyageurs National Park.

He was heading back to the Twin Cities. Said he did it several times already that summer, and that there were no issues with the Prius hybrid controls when cartopping (at least no problems with one narrow kayak).

Sorry, I don’t remember what brand racks he had.


yakama makes one for the Prius
Yep–Yakama makes one that specifically fits the Prius. Its’ not cheap, but it works well. I carry my kayaks on my prius all the time. Not surprisingly, the boats reduce the mileage–but the rack reduces it a lot more than the boat.