I’m just about finished building a clc 17’boat,and am wondering what most people use. A seat with a back, or a seat bottom with a backband. Thanks Frank

I use a Bomber Gear backband.

Thermarest 3/4 Standard
That’s the preferred option in the VOLKSKAYAK - I just pad out the cockpit rear rim to make a backrest, then use the Thermarest. Fold double under, single up the back - inflate, put in place, open valve slightly, get aboard, let air escape until you just touch the hull, close valve. For us, it makes a wonderful seat - very comfortable, no hard spots or leg/butt numbing, and warm - our waters are cold most of the year, so the insulation is great. I can stay in the boat for hours at a stretch with no discomfort.

Trust you’ll love and enjoy the CLC - lovely looking boats, aren’t they? Kinda makes you wonder why anyone’d ever buy a kayak ;–>^))


I’ll second the Bomber Gear backband…
…recommendation, and the Thermarest seat sounds interesting as well. On the Arctic Hawk I built, in addition to the backband, I used closed cell foam to make the seat (carved out of 3/4 inch foam), the hip pads, and the thigh/knee braces. This is a very comfortable arrangement.


thermarest comfy but absorbs a
lor of energy that you might be trying to lean or roll the boat with.

Minicell foam is another alternative. while less cusy it will allow for a much better feel. her is the link to an outfitting page fron bnystrom who ofter posts here and has helped me and dozens of other paddlers I know face to face.


If bomber gear is still using those metal cam buckles, get them where you like them then back them up with knots. When it is in the right place, I like the backband very well, but after a year or two of salt water use, the oxidation of those cam buckles will render them useless. I know this because i own one.

“Minicell” foam…
Perhaps this is what I meant by the “closed cell foam” that I used. In any event, it’s the same stuff shown on Brian’s site.

To give it a bit more abrasion resistance, I coated the foam with “Dip It” plastic coating, as recommended by Mark Rogers in the cockpit outfitting section of the Arctic Hawk buiding manual. It seems to work very well, and the foam is comfortable for the seat, hip pads, and thigh braces.


Yup - minicell foam
…works like a charm.

Just finished outfitting my kevlar Arctic Hawk with 3/4" foam seat pad with “rump dimples” to ensure I am just about 1/4" above the deck to increase stability. Then padded hips, knees, thighs, and customized a backrest out of foam too. Go here to see the type of backrest:


Take your time, enjoy the process, test the fit often as you are carving, shaving, etc. It will truly enhance your boats feel and function.

Forgot - bulkhead!!
Oh, and removed those dumb footpegs and put in a foam bulkhead with angled foot depressions. Wow, what a difference and makes re-enter and roll easier cause I don’t have to find the footpegs…

Minicell foam seat, glued in
I carved one out of 3" thick minicell and glued it to the hull floor with Barge cement. Backband is a WW model made by SnapDragon. I had one in a commercial kayak (replaced the horrible seatback with the backband) and liked it so much I put the same model in my S&G kayak.

ThermaRest pad is easiest but I wonder how people keep it solidly in place. I doubt they glue it to the kayak.