Hi, I own two 14ft rec kayaks,but my shed was 8ft

so i had to extend the shed,but they have taken up all the roonm in the shed. I was thinking about buying some hooks and putting the kayaks on the side of the shed.I will cover the cockpit.What do you think?

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Protect it from the sun
Extend a tarp from the shed roof to the ground (tent stakes) and it should be fine. The sun is your boat’s worst enemy. The bare ground is probably its second worse enemy, so hanging it from the side of your shed is a good idea.

places the hanging straps in far enough so heat doesn’t warp the boat.

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Hi,thanks for your reply.What do you mean about placement of the straps.

Thanks again


against conventional wisom
my boats are royalex, and stored outside 100% of the time, usually on top of a shed with 50-50 sun/shade during the day, or cockpit side down on bare ground with 80-20 sun/shade.

havent faded at all…??? I havent used any product on them to protect from uv and its looks brand new after being outside for the last 11 months since ive had it.

have to clean out the occaisional clump of leaves or spider, but ah well.

Fibreglass and wood boat outside all year round, covered with tarps.



Place the straps
In a way that they divide the boat into thirds, roughly, or at the point of the bulkheads, if they have them. Hanging it from the toggles on the end can over time cause the boat to warp or sag.

See what it looks like in 5 years
One season in the sun might not make enough difference that you’d notice it (though it probably has caused some minor fading and degrading anyway.)

Many plastic boats can last for two decades if they are stored in the shade, but aren’t likely to last ten if they aren’t.

I don’t know if 303 or any other product provides meaningful protection (though they can definitely make a dingy dull boat look shiny). But sun will definitely degrade your plastic boat over time.

kayak storage
You can check out the Kayak Storage Tips page I put together. After talking with a lot of different people and doing a lot of reading this may help you: http://www.suspenzkayakstorage.com/storage-tips

A cheap way to hang them…

Strap placement formula
To your point that the strap placement is important, here is a link that gives the formula and chart with a min/max distance between the straps. This is for kayaks using the “2 Point” suspension method. Scroll to bottom of page: http://www.suspenzkayakstorage.com/page/1523253