Kayak Outside wood rack

I need to build a kayak rack for 2. I can not find plans anywhere does anyone have a suggestions … Jeff Levin

Check the recycling yards
I got this for free, my son has promised to paint it for me…I’m not holding my breath.


not wood but may help your ideas…
check the kayak rack album. water pipe and pipe insulation…works great.


or try this alternate link if you have problems…



something like this?

I threw this one thgether for about $25


I have made several over the years

-four 2x4 uprights

-two 2x4 cross braces on each side

-four 2x4 kayak supports across the uprights, (two for the top yak, and two for the bottom one)

Design it so the cross supports are near your yak bulkheads.

Put it all together with screws, bolts or nails.

make some form supports for the cross supports and put some scrap carpet on them.

Do a superlative job and show your friends how clever you are.

Cheers, and stay happy!


PVC pipe
Again, not wood, but less expensive. Made one from 1-1/2" PVC pipe. Make an upside-down “U”. Then, on the bottom of each side of the U add a “T” joint running perpendicular to the U. Add about 1.5 feet of PVC on either end as feet. I’d cap the open ends to keep bugs and stuff out. Make two of these and you have a rack that only costs about $15. I’m sure with the right PVC joints, you could double stack this. There’s a picture online somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

I think this is it…

looks great but I don’t have room for it.


My storage rack
2000 Ford Ranger


here’s a link
This is like what I built. I don’t see why you couldn’t double it; maybe add a bit more foot support. I do like the link you put in here, though! Wow! I could buy lots more kayaks!


I built mine to hold 5. OR 6-maybe even 7 (but do NOT let Sally know…!) I posted a couple of photos over at the SOT site. You can see them there at:


It’s basically strong wooden frame constructed to keep the boats off the ground yet still under the trees and secured at the same time -all the wood is PT pine. A pair of 2X12s is the base, to which is attached a pair of 2X6 risers, to which are attached 2 pair of 1X4s to support the E and the I. They’re held together with 2X4s in the back, including an angled cross-brace to give lateral rigidity, and a 1X3 across the front for me to skin my shins on.

The whole thing is bolted together, the upper support 1X4s by 3 bolts to the 2X6s, and thew 2X6s by 4 bolts to the 2X12s. The cross bracing is lag screwed in, I recall…

My lime green Scupper Pro TW, Sally’s Scupper Classic, and the white Scrambler XT utility boat (hey, I got it for 40 bucks…!) are lined up on the 2X12’s, while the E and the I rest on pool noodles on the bars above them.

All are cabled for security -it’s easier to handle cable, and cable’s more difficult to work through with cutters. The cables are all strung together and ultimately secured to the in-concrete post of the fence running behind the palms.

And that’s how we store the fleet in the back your when we don’t

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Freestanding Kayak Rack
Hi, all! Time to create more storage for additions to our “float-illa” – but sadly, most of the images linked to from posters in this thread are no longer available! I’m hoping that there will be a new round of responses, with good links to photos of what works for folks who have similar issues with kayak storage!

I’m looking for a freestanding rack to hold at least 3, maybe 4 boats, and it will be under an overhang on our patio. I’ve been storing several there on the foam blocks used in cartopping kayaks, and they seem to be fine year after year. I need to expand storage, and want to go up, not out, otherwise they won’t have the overhang protection. Has to be freestanding, as there are windows there. We do store three on the wall of the garage, so those cradle supports work just fine when you CAN install into studs.

Could there be a working freestanding structure built of wood, that purchased “J hooks” could be added to? Doesn’t have to be a necessarily pretty kayak rack, but definitely sturdy.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer here. :slight_smile: