Kayak Paddle Clip

I hate buying when I can make shift instead. Does anyone have any ideas on a home made or cheaper alternative to a paddle clip. When I fish from my kayak I rest the paddle on my lap. I was thinking maybe velcro on the deck and then on the center or the paddle and just stick it on. What do you think out there?

Tie a short piece of line to a carabiner. Tie the open end of the line to your deck rigging. When you want to store your paddle, clip the line around the paddle shaft and back to your rigging. Just make sure the loop it creates is smaller than your paddle blade.

bungie works
I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind drilling holes in my boat.

So I mounted two pad-eyes along the boat maybe 18" apart then a hook near the middle a couple inches off-line.

Ites bungie to the pad-eyes and place the paddle along the kayak, loop the bungie over the shaft and the hook.

If you don;t have a hook (hard to find), replace it with another pad-eye and put a small s-hook on the bungie to hook tothe pad-eye.

Obviously, my resale value for my kayaks has dropped throughthe floor.

A paddle leash works for me
When I want to fish, I just place the paddle in the water next to me, it just stays next to the boat. When I want to move, just pick it up and paddle. You’ll have one less thing sticking up for your line to get snagged on.

This is similar to what came on my boat except I only have one clip. It works ok but two would be much more stable. The one clip work “ok” though.

i made my own paddle leash
I got some 5’ hollow webbing and ran 3’ of bungie inside.

Then attached a carabiner clip to one end and some more webbing with velcro tothe other.

at 3’ it keeps the leash out of my way but if it stretches to 5’, the webbing prevents the bungie from breaking.

It’s cheaper than anything i can buy and much better than most leashes.

Still, sometimes I like to clip my paddle to the boat instead of laying it across the boat.

rope leash
I just make a leash from rope whenever I think just sticking the paddle under the rigging won’t work.

I don’t like putting the paddle in the water all the time because when I fish rivers or ocean and there is moving water I tend to adjust a lot with the paddle. Also when the water gets colder that can be a pain. I was thinking more on something across the deck or gunwale that I could grab and snap back in easily. Not so much losing the paddle ,as I carry a spare under the deck lines. Thanks for the help.


quick fists
Have you thought about these?


kayak building forums
Go onto one of the kayak building forums and look for paddle parks. Use a short bungie to secure the paddle against something to retain it. Lots of variations. Might do a web search for paddle park.

Bill H.

I got mine for $0.88
Academy Sports had a bunch on sale. Might be worth check out.

Homemade Paddle Holder
I used to have a couple of commercially available paddle holder clips on the side of my boat. I got tired of catching them on something and breaking them or just scraping my hand across one.

I ended up making mine out of one small J hook and a piece of bungee cord. I took a length of bungee cord and drilled two holes just big enough to allow the bungee through. I then tied a knot on the end so it would not come back through. I also put a small amount of sealant on the knot to keep it from leaking. I then put the small plastic J hook above the bungee. When I need to use it I just put my paddle between the hook and bungee and hook the bungee over the paddle onto the hook.