kayak paddle for canoe

Looking at the NRS catelog I might be tempted to get a yak paddle for solo canoeing in a tandem sitting backward in the front seat. I know I want long as in 8 or 9 feet. Which is better? Is 240 the right size (given I am not in the mood to convert to feet - just got done working out)? I know I need drip plates. Thanks.

A 240 will be a little short.

You may want to check with Canoeman69. He paddles a canoe with a double bladed paddle.

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Check the Archives. We’ve been here before.

I think the Mohawk double bladed canoe paddle is around 270.

That one is a little heavy but it’s sturdy and cheap. I use it as you described when soloing my MR Explorer.


I use a 240 with no trouble but I have
long arms (37" sleeve) and a boat with a lot of tumblehome. Unless you are a Neanderthal, you probably need the 270-280. Can you get a 240 to try?

I’m with string on this one.
I’m short and use a 240cm. I have a more verticle paddling style because I want to minimise the ‘sweep’ effect. Borrow a 240 and see what you think. Longer than 240 is usually custom, except in the mighty Mowhawk. If you’re going to use it a lot, go lighter. Make sure the blade is stiff enough to handle some rough water.

My boat is probably 3-6" narrower at the paddling station than your tandem, so you may decide you need something longer.

Im not sure on your size but I am only 5’7 and use a 240 in my tandem. I do most of my canoeing solo and its always been a tandem canoe.

I use a short one
I often use a double-blade for my Vagabond. That boat is 28 inches wide at the gunwales, and I use a 230 cm paddle in nearly as vertical a style as one would use with a single-blade.

I have a 230 cm name-brand kayak paddle and a 230 cm Mowhawk. I almost never use the name-brand kayak paddle anymore. The Mowhawk is heavy, but I get much better “grip” on the water with its larger blades, and the blades are flat which allows all sorts of subtle correction and bracing strokes that just don’t work very well with the contoured kayak-paddle blades.

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Seriously, though, a 240 MIGHT work for a short paddler in a narrow canoe. I’m tall, and use a 96" Clement in my MR Guide. Although I also kayak, I am not a big fan of a double blade in a canoe. The forward power is undeniable, but it is an unavoidably drippy process, so that in colder weather you are getting splashed, and putting water in the boat, which in a kayak would just run off harmlessly.

Have the rug burns on your knuckles…
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You SHOES are longer than most of my paddles.

A double bladed paddle to push a heavily laden

canoe across a wide expanse of open water is

much better.

I also have a good friend, Luke Hopkins an internationally reknown paddler, who often uses

a double bladed paddle in his C1.

Of course, I’ve seen Luke paddle and I’m not con-

venced the dude is human!

Yes, I’m told that when Davey Hearn
tried using a double blade in the c-1 slalom class, many years ago, they decided to outlaw it. But Verlen Kruger, king of long-distance loaded boat humping, disdained double blades, and claimed his bent shaft single blades were more efficient over a whole day of use.

I love this company!
This company is Spring Creek. I ordered several items from them. Never been disappointed. It’s

a family owned company. You can call and talk to the deisigner/engineer etc. of their products.

I ordered one of their kayak paddles with the extension, scooped blade. This, after I bought and tried tried 230cm, 240cm, and 250 cm for my solo canoe and they were all too short, either because of my canoe (wenonah rendesvoux, or my paddling style…high angle)

Here, I ordered a 235cm kayak paddle with an 18" extension. The 235 cm paddle can be used by others in a kayak. I can use it in the canoe. I haven’t used it yet, but I think it will work. Call them… Talk to them… They are very helpful.

I am not connected with the company in any way. I am just impressed with their products.

Use a double paddle…
…in my Vagabond 95% of the time. Carry a single as a spare or change of pace. Mine is custom graphite,

9’ long (274 cm?), and I have NO drip problem with standard little rubber drip guards. Sweeping power is awesome. It wiggles a little in forward motion, but not significantly. Needless to say, it needs to be a takeapart at these lengths, or storage is an issue.

Verlen Kruger’s boats had rudders
which I imagine makes paddling with a single blade a lot easier. Sort of like Sit and Switch, if you want to.

Ooops… Here’s the link!

I got the Cascade 230cm with the 18" extension.

Nothing to add…
…just wanted this thread nearer the top of the list for the benefit of another inquirer.