Kayak paddle for canoe

I own a wenonah vagabond canoe and would like some recommendations for choosong a kayak paddle to use with the canoe.

I use an Aquabound Manta Ray for class
I-II and my BendingBranches Infusion for flatwater and windy conditions. Both are 240cm. I paddle a Mowhawk Odyssey14 from a low sitting position.

several threads recently if you use search feature.

I fyou scroll down…
…as far as you can on this board you’ll find lots of information. By the way, they’re “double paddles”,

not “kayak paddles”. I use a 9’ double with my vagabond, 95% of the time. Ask your kids how many centimeters that is-I couldn’t tell you.

its about 270 cm…huge paddle. This weekend I paddle a mohawk solo13 with a 210 cm aquabound manta ray. It could have been longer for sure, but it was doable. And really didn’t have the much paddle drip in the boat, but plenty on my pants.

You pointed out why I got the…
…9’ paddle-absolutely no drip. Also tremendous leverage for pries and sweeps.