kayak paddle for canoing

Has anyone done this? I have an old Sawyer 14’ that I acquired in a trade. Other than heavy it’s pretty nice. Anyways I have three girls, two of which are old enough to take canoeing. Since they are 6 and 4 they are little to no help paddling. So I am constantly switching sides or I end up going in a zig-zag pattern across the lake. It’s exhausting to be honest. Since a kayak paddle has a paddle on each end I thought it might be a good solution. I would just pick up a cheap Accend model at Bass Pro as we only go out once or twice a month. Thoughts?

That is a good solution.

Well they do make a double bladed Canoe paddle. You will likely need a longer paddle for Canoe than kayak. A friend of mine has a 9ft double blade canoe paddle.

Give it a try. 240cm or longer will likely be required in a tandem, unless the stern is somewhat skinny. I use a 225cm when I choose to double blade my solo canoes.