Kayak paddle for new canoe?

I just purchased my first canoe for use flyfishing, camping, and duckhunting. Most of the time it’ll be on small tailwater rivers in AR for flyfishing. It’s an Old Town Predator, 2 seater, 78 lbs, 13.4’ long, beam of 40 inches, and center depth of 14 ". Would a wide, high quality kayak paddle be easier for when paddling solo? I’ll probably sit in the front seat facing backwards and put some weight up front? Suggestions?

Use a kayak paddle with my solo
Wenonah Sandpiper, its a 240, I believe. Haven’t measured it, the paddle was a found object and I couldn’t locate the owner. It responds well to the double blade. Other owners say that they too like it with a double blade. As for your canoe, its difficult to say how long a paddle you need. Myself, I wouldn’t spend what a high end paddle costs, but that’s me. Something under $200 should do fine. You should be able to find a carbon shaft for that amount or less.

Double blade
I also use a double blade in my solo canoe. I’ve used one in my tandem as well and it does make paddling easier. You’re gonna need a long one for your boat. Probably the longest you can find. I have a Mohawk paddle that is 280 cm. plenty long enough, but it is aluminum and plastic and kind of heavy. Got a Foxworxs paddle last year, nice and light and not a lot of bucks. http://www.foxworxpaddle.com/FoxWorx_Splash.html

Mohawk Canoes suggest you call this number if you are interested in their paddle.

If you are looking for Mohawk Paddles you should call this number:

276 773 3227

Blasphemy! (sp?)
You’ll smoke a turd in hell for using a kayak paddle in a canoe!..Just kidding. The ole double blade will work well, just need to get one long enough. The singe blade will work good in tight areas, a bit easier to stow while fishing and can be a good rest from double blading if covering distances.

Mohawk paddles are now marketed
by Indian River canoes.


Single might be easier to fish around
I enjoy paddling my solo with a kayak paddle, but find that it really gets in the way while fly fishing. When you fly fish from aq canoe there is enough to deal with line flying, floating, and trying to entangle a regular canoe paddle. I find that the extra length of the kayak paddle tends to get in the way - a lot. My personal opinion, but you might want to try before you buy.


You could always install a paddle keeper
to hold the paddle length wise, also carry a small canoe paddle or cheap short Wal Mart paddle for course correction while fishing.

Saw a guy on the Potomac
He was paddling a tandem canoe solo by standing in the middle and using a long double bladed paddle. He was moving along very smoothly and very fast. Impressive work.

I’ve known a few folks who use double bladed paddles in canoes and found them to be very useful. No worries. Just get one long enough that you aren’t banging the sides all the time.

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Aquaboud Expedition
I Use an Aquabound Expedition 230cm for fishing out of my canoe. I sit backwards in the front seat and put a 5 gallon bucket in the back (now the front)that way I can adjust the weight.

If you decide to get it
write back about how it works. I intially would tend to agree with djo about the fly line. But then again I’m not all that great with the fly rod. My Stillwater has similar dimensions as your Predator so I am curious to hear how much more efficient you find the double bladed paddle. Let me know what length you decide to go with.

kayak paddle
Well, after reading a lot of forums and posts, I chose the Pacific Paddle w/T-2 blade in a 260cm size. This thing is incredibly light and it performed unbelievable well on my first test trip in a lake on a windy day. I moved to the center yoke position and was able to really move the boat with great ease…much more so than sitting in the bow seat facing backwards. I also paddle with a basic canoe paddle and it was much tougher to keep my boat from swinging with the wind. I will use the kayak paddle to get from point A to point B and the canoe paddle to maneuver. I think the total weight for my kayak paddle is only 33 oz.