Kayak paddle for solo canoe?

How many of you solo canoeist like using kayak paddles when paddling on flatwater? I was pleased with the ability to track and get some good speed going in my workouts while using my kayak paddle. (Note: I recently purchased a Vagabond) For those of you who have and/or prefer kayak paddles for your solo canoe, what length of paddle do you own and if you wanted to purchase a second paddle would you get a wood paddle and would it be a bent or a straight shaft? My 250cm carbon Aquabound (?) I bought seems to be a good fit and is very lightweight, but as a beginner, ignorance is bliss so they say.

Good for you
Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to abandon the double - Nessmuk used one in the 1800’s, and you can use one too. I like the ability to accurately place a solo boat (my MR Freedom Solo) in moving water via ferrys. Much easier and more powerful than a single. Of course, when called for I stow the double and muscle with the single. For solo flatwater a bent shaft single is great for hit and switch. And of course there is the poling contingent.

In other words, don’t limit yourself to one stick. And by all means, have fun with whatever paddle you use.


I use a doubble when I need to make time or in a headwind.I found a 250 to be too short and lenghtened mine.I taks both on trips That being said, I much prefer single blade paddleing,To me it’s like the difference between walking and dancing.