Kayak Paddle Push Button

I bought a 2 piece kayak paddle from one of those places that speicalizes in big box returns, for cheap. It didn’t come with drip rings or the springloaded pushbutton that goes in the plastic center joint, the thing that locks the two pieces in place. Where would a person go about getting one of the springloaded pushbuttons. Don’t want to spend a lot on it, that would defeat the purpose of buying the paddle for cheap.

back to the retailer to swap it out for one that has all its parts?

snap button
Here’s what you’re looking for. I did not investigate minimum order or shipping.


Try a pool supply store.

They have some of thost in stock usually, they are used to attach the different skimmer nets/brushes to the ends of the long poles to clean the pools. Wal-Mart and Lowes might even have them.

Try here

Snap Buttons
Well, I sure would do that, but that’s why I got it so cheap. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links to the part suppliers, I’ll be ordering some and having a new paddle, still cheap…hope it works out okay.

Tom has those in several sizes in his web store. Great guy and fantastic service.