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The perception carolina 14.5 I’m picking up tomorrow was originally suppose to come with a paddle. The seller decided they are going to keep the paddle. The price was reduced $100. I currently have a Carlisle Day Tripper for my rec boat. So looking for suggestion on what paddle to get for the carolina. Only thing I have noticed with the daytripper is sometimes it starts to rub between my thumb and pointer finger, but not sure if thats my fault or the paddle. I’m 5’8" BTW.

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Often the solution to a grip problem
is to acquire a more relaxed grip with experience. You might also want to check the spacing of your grip, as that could affect the thumb/forefinger thing.

Werner and some other makers can provide paddles with smaller shafts. That might help you also.

you are going to get a calus
On the base of your thumb. A different paddle will not change that.

What do you like about the paddle you have?

It you like everything else about it, then get one just like it but a little shorter and lighter as a spare.


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Good paddles have gotten shockingly expensive. There are often great paddles to be had on Craigslist for up to 75% off list price. I recommend a Werner Camano with carbon shaft and fiberglass blades, but you can find an all-carbon on Craigslist if you look diligently. My favorite is the Werner Kalliste all carbon. Sometimes you can get Craigslist advertisers to mail you a paddle, but it's a bit risky.

For more comfort wrap a piece of neoprene around the paddle shaft. Black electrical tape holds it more or less.

I would second the motion.
I too would strongly recommend a Werner Camano, but if you don’t want to spend that much money, Carlisle makes a beautiful all glass paddle called the Expedition. For the price ($159.99) you would be hard pressed to find a better “new” paddle.

paddle weight
How much lighter is a Werner carbon fiber paddle compared to the daytripper paddle. I can’t find much info on weight. With the daytripper paddle I don’t have any issues with it apart from occasionally rubbing, but that is probably from gripping it too tight.

37 vs 23 oz.
Your Day Tripper weighs 37 oz. A Werner Kalliste all carbon paddle weighs 23 oz. Is 14 oz a big difference? Just 7 oz per blade? Yes, it’s a huge difference. When you lift the paddle 10,000 times in a day (which is very possible), you’re lifting an extra 4,000 lbs per hand! That makes you more tired and sore by the end of the day and it takes longer to get places, with more effort.

But a good paddle is more than just a light paddle. The design of the blade, the stiffness of the material, the feel of the grip area, etc. make for a much more pleasant experience.

With the Carolina 14.5 I wouldn’t personally pay $400 for a paddle, but you don’t need to pay that much if you use Craigslist intelligently. The Werner Camano carbon shaft with fiberglass blades would be a good choice at 27.5 ounces.

adventure Technology
Just threw one on ebay under user name njsurfboat.Bent shaft glass. Once you go carbon…you cant go back.

echo that. also Ebay

Mikaila - 2 questions
what is the length of your current Carlisle paddle?

what type (maker/model,length) of rec boat do you own.

Quite likely you will be able to downsize the length of your next paddle.

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Bent of Straight
The Carolina is a nice boat, you should enjoy it. I also like to search for second hand paddles but that may take some time so you have to patient and wait. Once you get away from an aluminum shaft you’ll never want another. It would be great if you joined a paddle group and asked to try a variety of paddles. Different lengths, bent or straight shaft, there are lots of changes you could make.

I paddle shallow rivers and prefer the shorter length and durability of whitewater paddles. Not as lightweight as touring models but difficult to damage.

If you look at used paddles, name brands like Werner, Swift, AT and Bending Branches (if you like the feel of wood) all make fine paddles that last.

If you buy new, it’s easy to spend as much as you paid for the kayak.

Onno paddles
are worth a look as well. $275 + shipping for a two piece mid-tour. Emma has one & dearly loves it.


The only paddle for me is a
Bending Branches. I’ve abused mine in every way possible and it just does not break.

Aquabound Stingray Carbon
Check out the Aquabound Stingray Carbon. Around 27-28 ounces for the 220 length, and can be found for less than $170.00 on line for the older TLC ferrule. Nice all around paddle that can take a beating. Mine is banged up and scratched from Pennsylvania’s famous rocks, and it’s held up beautifully. It was a good fit for my Carolina (which I’ve since sold).