kayak paddle recommendations

Need solid advise on purchasing new kayak paddle; search is overwhelming; have a Maxxon IK 12’/52lb/38" wide; I’m 6’5", 225; will be river running 4-8 mi. day trips; budget is open…but at my age probably don’t need carbon/platinum; thanx, Mike

Is “at my age” young?
Hi Mike.

As I’ve figured it, the less in shape, the older, the weaker, the less hard you paddle, the bigger the felt difference between a light paddle and a heavier one. An athletic 25 year old should have a much easier time with a 36 oz paddle than a 60 year old with a 22 oz. So if “at my age” means you’re young and athletic, I will agree. There’s no reason paddle weight should play a major factor in your enjoyment in a 4 to 8 mile downstream paddle. But there’s a good chance you’ll still appreciate the difference.

If it means I have old, rickety joints and I’m probably not long for this world, so don’t need a quality investment, that’s a different story.

I can’t really speak to paddle length, as I’ve never used such a craft. I don’t know if something like that calls for a single or double blade?

raft like
At 38" wide, that inflatable is more of a raft than a kayak. But since 4 to 8 miles a day is only 2 or 3 hours of leisurely paddling, I don’t think it matters a heck of a lot what you buy weight-wise. It will have to be long to clear those wide tubes without bumping your hands on the boat. There are decent fiberglass shaft models by Werner, Harmony and Bending Branches for between $100 and $140.

How about this one in a 240 cm for $109?


You won’t do better
My suggestion for a really great paddle at a very moderate price is the Carlisle Expedition. You will probably want a 230, or a 240.