Kayak Paddle Suggestions for my Canoe

Hi to the group.

I have an Old Town Pack twelve foot canoe that I like to fish out of. I would like to try a kayak paddle instead of my bent shaft canoe paddle. I have never used a kayak paddle before, so I do not know what to buy. I am six feet tall with a long torso.

Can anyone recommend a brand, type, or size for me?

Thanks to anyone who can help, Eric

Good thinking!
It took me years to realize that the yak paddle could be more efficient in a canoe.

Many to choose from, so check out the reviews, and keep your size in mind when buying, as 240 to 260 sounds ballpark for you. That is, if you are positioned near center of the canoe. 230 might work, otherwise.

You actually need to demo the paddles.

Good luck!

Bending Branches Slice

I got the Bending Branches Glass Slice Solo Canoe Paddle. It’s designed for exactly what you’re looking for. I’m 6-ft. 2", and the 280cm works perfectly for me, and you’ll love BB’s quality. I carry my BB Special 54" bent shaft and alternate between the two. Bent shaft for cruising, Slice for speed, power, and exercise. Happy paddlin’, Jim

Double blades
First of all, you are still paddling a canoe, so let’s not call it a kayak paddle! But, yes, a double blade makes a great addition to your canoe propulsion arsenal.

I have used a couple and will offer some thoughts:

  • I have a 240cm mohawk, aluminum shaft, plastic bladed paddle that is too much for me. The blades are large and it is too hard for me to pull the paddle through the water. It can move a canoe very well, but it is tough on my shoulders and it is heavy.
  • Weight counts more in a kayak paddle than a canoe paddle. The canoe paddle, when it is in the water, floats and supports its weight, and depending on how bouant, supports some of your arm’s weight. Kayak paddles don’t, you have to hold all the weight, all the time.
  • I have an Aquabound, plastic blade, carbon shaft paddle that I like the best for canoes. It is long, maybe 260. I think it is a stingray model, which has slightly smaller blades than their mantaray, commonly stocked by most paddling retailers. I like the blade size of this paddle, with leverage provided by the length, I don’t need a large blade.
  • Sitting higher than a kayaker and in a wider boat, you need a longer paddle. Try before you buy is an excellent idea.
  • I use a double blade a minority of the time. If there is side wind, I end up paddling a double blade mostly on one side anyways, so I just use a single blade. On narrow rivers with lots of overhanging stuff, the double blade can get in the way. With a tail wind, I mostly use the single blade for ruddering. With a head wind or against a current, the double is NICE.


Bending Branches paddles
Thanks for the kind words Jim! We appreciate your support.

Happy Paddling,

Bending Branches

Bending branches
bending branches paddles are solid and cost freindly. 240 cm is the shortest i would go with. andthe easy lengh to find. i think for a longer kayak paddle you would need to order one. true 4 years ago not sure about now. will cost more to order a special lengh But. bb was very service freindly. check bbs website.

Can’t beat BB. Mohawk makes a double
bladed canoe paddle. I have both and like both but I use the Mohawk, double bladed canoe paddle for my canoe

I actually had FoxWorx make me a 270mm double blade 2 piece paddle for use in my Old Town Pack…I switch between a single blade and my double blade. I always have the double blade lashed into the boat but usually use my single blade beaver tail. For trolling it’s nice to use the double blade…I lean back and just flick each side with the paddle blade to maintain a decent trolling speed…when a fish take my fly I just drop the double blade in my lap where it instantly balances so I can grab my rod out of the rod holder. It works really nice. I cant wait for the 4th Sat in April…trout ponds open for fishing!

Bending Branches Sizing
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Bending Branches

Grey Owl Tempest
260 cm. I (5’9")use in a Hornbeck seated on floor of the canoe. Not sure how this translates to someone of your size sitting higher in an OTPack, but assuming you also want to use a low angle stroke, I would recommend this longer length.

Grey Owl’s website doesn’t have a 260 in that paddle…250 is the longest and I would think that would be too short.