kayak paddle

I was thinking about buying a kayak paddle for my solo trips in my canoe. Was wondering if anyone else has tried this and what would be the best one. I use a 4’ paddle right now and also thinking about a 5’ paddle. any ideas on either?


Lots of people use a double blade
in a canoe. I don’t understand the 4 and 5 foot reference.I use a 230 cm for my 2 solo canoes.

The width of your boat at your paddling position affects the length of the paddle.

I think he means he uses 4’ in canoe
I think its a good idea. Kayak paddle length will depend on width of canoe. Might be able to pick up a nice used kayak paddle cheap from someone who kayaks with a paddle he now knows is too long. Or from someone switching to a GP. There are lots of people out there downsizing from 240s and 230s to 215-220 cm. I once had a 245 (8’!) Werner Camano. Check the “for sale” listings in newsletters for local clubs or canoe & kayak yard sale/swap meets.

for the input guys.


They’re a bit drippy wet
but let me & my W-Vagabond keep pace with my yak friends with just a little extra effort if they’re not racing. Trying both euro and greenland styles but not enough time on the water with gps data yet to pick one. Borrow some and see what you think. Rick

How long paddle?
Does anyone know what the longest paddle would be that is readily available? I’d like to try one for my Stillwater 12ft.

My experience
I have a BB Dady paddle in 260 cm bought for light WW use in my Mad River Freedon Solo. Good length for that boat (within certain limitations, as some here on the board will remind me).

The 260 is too long to be efficient in my Bell Magic. I have tried my 230 cm AT Exception (perfect in my QCC-500) but it is IMO too short for the Magic.

One of these days I will try something in the 240 range.


Not sure which one

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of these a friend of mine has but he purchased it locally.

Bending Branches Impression double blade canoe paddle

Wave double blade canoe paddle
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Shaw and Tenney Classic double blade canoe paddle
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My friend has a Wenona Prospector and uses it constantly.

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