kayak paddles

Last month I bought the QCC 700 and I want to upgrade to a lighter more efficent touring paddle.

Is carbon worth the extra $ over fiberglass?

And as far as blade style I am both a leisure paddler & at times use a agrgessive stroke.

Is there a paddle that will is good for both, or do have to choose between a longer narrower blade or a shorter wider blade?


Robert G

QCC and ONNO just go together

The best way to go, what a match. My full tour is a dream to paddle and pushs the 700 along like a sweet race car. Light and very easy on my 54 yr old joints I can swing this paddle all day long. It is also reasonably priced also. I own 2 now with a third on the way. Talk to Patrick he is passionate about his work and paddling.

Lots Of Great Paddles
Talk to Patrick, he builds a very good product and will help you get just the right size and shape depending on how you paddle. I have been using one of his full tours for about seven months now and I enjoy it. I got one of his signature paddles at Patrick’s advice even though I was thinking the carbon/carbon paddle when I first called. Patrick also recommended his full tour as apposed to one of his smaller blades and I am very happy that I took his advice.

Happy Paddling,