Kayak party ideas help needed!

My daughter is turning 7 and she is getting her first kayak. She has been saving since she was 5 for her boat, so we are paying for the rest of it for her birthday. Now she wants a kayak themed party! We’re going to use a toy kayak from Bass Pro for cake topper and NRS kayak lights to decorate but what we can’t find is napkins and plates with kayaks on them. Has anyone out there done a kayak themed party and have any ideas where to find any? Since this is already a expensive b-day present we’re trying not to break the bank on the party supplies so cost is important. Thanks for any ideas!

You could have the party at the water.
Then you run all the old Red Cross paddling games. Children of all ages love them.

If your having the party at home then, maybe set the kayak on some blankets and letting all the party get their picture in it




Idea for kayak plates
Maybe you could make your own, using food-grade “paint.” I think I have heard of such a thing, though I don’t know where to buy it. Probably at a crafts store.

Make a stencil with a kayak shape. Using food dyes, paint over paper plates. Now you have a kayak on the plate. Let the plates dry thoroughly.

Then make another stencil with a paddle shape. Lay that over the dried plates and paint that over the rest. Now you have a paddle overlying the existing kayak.

Just make sure that the “paints” are nontoxic AND won’t run (like watercolors) when painted over or when food is on the plate.

Maybe you could make the paints out of edible materials!

^good idea
Have it at the water if at all possible.

here’s cheap kayak gift wrap (you could make placemats by covering it with clear Contact paper).


I think most kids would not notice the difference in plates and napkins and cups if you used surfboard decor theme stuff, which I have seen at most party stores. Or stuck with undersea fish themes – those are also plentiful and very cute. Novelty stores often stock things like plastic toy boats that are propelled by inflated balloons – you could have pool races with them. Perhaps you could find a pinata that reseumbled a kayak (or could be modified to look like one) and have the blindfolded players use a paddle instead of a stick to hit it. Here are some sea-related designs:


and I’ve seen football and watermelon shaped ones that could likely be easily redecorated to be a kayak. And some suggestions for party decor and games.


Kayak party
I was just looking through CafePress at kayak/canoe designs yesterday.

They had some kayak cardsor invites I think.

Search Cafe press for kayak. They have all kinds of different designs they will take just about any design and do whatever you want with it.