Kayak Photography

Would appreciate a couple of recommendations for a good waterproof digital camera to use while sea kayaking. Also, I’ve looked at several different camera mounts for my P&H but undecided as to which mount is best…again suggestions would be appreciated…Thanks

Look at the GorillaPod
There are several good waterproof cameras on the market now; here’s an informative roundup and explanation of features:


As for a mount, I’ve been very happy with my new GorillaPod. I got the SLR version for a bit of extra durability and size, and I’ve found numerous ways to affix it to my kayak while still being able to control the camera. The quick-release feature lets you fidget with the camera or use it for a still shot, then easily snap it back into the pod for shooting video, etc…


Here are some samples shot with the GorillaPod and my old Pentax Optio; in some shots you can hear the water gurgling over the pod, since it was actually riding at water-level:


And here I was experimenting with a variety of camera positions while doing a bit of wind-wave surfing with some friends:


Good luck!



Waterproof camera containers
My wife and I are making use of Dicapac waterproof series waterproof containers for our sea kayaking photograpy and it works excellent. Dicapac containers always give us good quality images and it is simple and effective to use. I personally prefer equipment I can trust and rely on to protect all my electronic equipment in the marine environment.

Have a look at the prices if you want, their are far better than hard cases, their website is as follows:


Love the GorillaPod + Olympus SW720:
The GorillaPod is small, lightweight, and it mounts just about anywhere!

Has anybody tried the new verson with magnetic feet? (probably not very good for kayaking, but cool option).

I use an Olympus Stylus 720SW waterproof camera on my kayak. It’s Olympus’ first generation shock + waterproof digital camera. It works great above and under water. The one dowside is it does not have auto image stabilization (it’s a setting on this version), so you have to be careful on Auto mode (maybe the newer versions have addressed this?).

I would love to hear if anyone’s tried the new Kodak waterproof HD video camera:


I have a Flip Video HD now, but am leary of taking it on the water.

waterproof digital camera
Check out the SeaLife cameras. I have a EcoShot SL321 that i’ve had good luck with.VRF

I’m still using the 720SW too - looks like it’s been through a war but still working just fine. One thing about image stabilization; there’s two different ways that camera manufacturers do it:

–on the 720, this function just bumps up the ISO to get a faster shutter speed. This solves the problem in some cases but isn’t really stabilizing anything. And high ISO with small cameras like this causes noisy (grainy) shots, so I leave it off.

–newer and better cameras usually have optical image stabilization. It actually moves the lens elements (from what I gather, anyway) to counteract your shaking of the camera. Works very well, but I wonder what that does to battery life on a long trip. Still, I’d rather have it and buy a spare battery than do without.