Kayak Podcasts?

Does anyone have some good suggestions for kayak related podcasts? I’m mainly interested in ocean and fishing kayaking - but any decent kayak podcast suggestions are welcome! I am in sales and spend a lot of time in the car and I’m looking for some good kayaking podcasts to listen to…

Simon Willis

What is a “podcast” ???
I am older than dirt, and don’t keep up with this modern jive, so please clue me.

And remember no question is stupid?



like radio shows you download
at least in the case of the Simon Willis ones I mentioned.

it’s like Jack Benny on a miniature
wireless set

wow. cool. these will be handy

Ah, now I understand !
Thank you.



well kind of
a podcast is a sound file available on line.

It is also frequently used with an application service that downloads new podcasts you subscribe to on a regular basis.

This application can also run on a cell phone. This will help you to listen to podcasts while on the road and not in the car.

downloaded and listened
i pus some of them on my phone yesterday and liistened to it through my headphones. Thanks again! I thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts.

If you listen
to podcasts “while on the road but not in the car”–you could get run over.

Couldn’t pass that one up. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the chuckle.

Not only podcasts, there’s a DVD too!
I got Simon Willis’ brand new DVD, “Sea Kayaking with Gordon Brown” and really recommend it, both for watching the trip part (NW of Scotland) and for the coaching part with top coach Gordon Brown. According to the web site, it is expected to be released in the US+Canada Nov. 16th.

Sample clips and further info here:


so much to listen to, so little time!
When I first realized a few years ago all the things i could load onto my laptop and listen to for free…at my convenience…I had excitement anxiety for two days! Anything aired on NPR that you only caught part of in the car you can go listen to the whole program. Countless programs produced only for podcast listening…from professionally produced shows to a person with a microphone in their home.