Kayak Polo (canoe polo) start up advice

Looking to start up a kayak polo team in the NW area, and having a horrible time finding gear, would like to find beat up, used gear to start. Still floating would be great, but all I find is UK and AUS sites for gear, new or used. I’m almost tempted to buy some coleman inflatables instead since size is applicable, and no hard points…Any advice, contacts, people who have played or want to play in the NW (washington state) area, please reply. I’d be happy to hear from you. I’d like to get a winter league going, stay in shape for summer outings and get some peeps together. :slight_smile: Thank you for any help you can provide!

local universities/colleges
sometimes have quite a bit of older style kayaking gear.

My son and I are interested in finding out more about this. We’re in Gig Harbor. Warning: We’re beginning paddlers.

The only dumb question
is the one that isn’t asked. Right?

Is this the sport we call “dead fish polo” here in the midwest? The one that’s now played by floating a sponge (works better than a real dead fish, but lacks the traditional funkiness) in the water, picking it up (no hands allowed) and hurling it with a paddle blade at another boat? Points scored by landing it IN another boat? Getting to the “dead fish” fast is the key to not letting other paddlers get to hurl it at you. Really leads to a fast improvement in one’s draw strokes.

Or is this more like the polo played from horses?

dumb ?, answer-
this is similar to your “dead fish” game, except there are nets at the end of the pool, and a water polo (traditional ball) is used for play, object is to get the ball into other opponents net…I actually like the idea of dead fish…that’ll keep ya hoppin…haha

my understanding is that this game is for all levels of paddlers (novice) gain agility and paddling, bracing skills, speed etc,. after time. In my other reaching out’s I’ve found there is a group formed in Gig Harbor already…my contact is looking for more info…(too far for me) and the only other group is UW here in seattle, focused primarily to UW faculty and students…let me know if you find out anything, hopefully if I can find some equipment, maybe we could get some matches against Gig Harbor…:slight_smile:

Gig Harbor No Luck
I found a link for the Gig Harbor group but it was dead. I went down to a kayak shop on the Harbor and found out that the kayak polo group has been inactive for a couple of years - moved away, maybe. The owner didn’t know of anyone doing it in our local area, but he does have 4 polo kayaks that he’s looking to sell - make someone a good deal.