kayak portage on Isle Royale

My wife and I have to kaykas and want to explore some of the inland lakes on Isle Royale. On wheeled carts allowed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

No wheeled carts allowed on the island

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So.. depending on what you are looking to explore plan on a carry, Tobin harbor is an easy carry from the lodge. Other inland lakes take a bit more effort.
You can paddle the shore from rock harbor to get to Siskiwit bay and then portage to Siskiwit lake, from there you can portage to Wood lake or to Intermediate lake. rules clearly state however

Wheeled vehicles and wheeled devices
Wheeled vehicles (except for wheelchairs) or other mechanical forms of transportation are not allowed on trails. This includes bicycles and portaging devices.

So you will have to carry. Enjoy the island its an awesome place, I have paddled and hiked there many a time.

Sorry, hate to tell you, but no wheels aloud at all on Isle Royale. When are you going? My wife & I are planning a kayak trip there.

Isle Royale
I did a circumnavigation of I.R. 2 summers ago.

As an open-water kayaker, I don’t think I would bother with portaging to the inland lakes. If you want to keep it simple, I would base camp out of Belle Isle and spend days exploring the 5 fingers area. There is a lot to see and you could still fish in the coves if that it your thing. If you are unsure about paddling around Blake Point, you can arrange to be delivered to a safe harbor.

Birch Island campsite and exploring McCargoe cove also very nice, and also allows the option of a very short portage into Pickerel Cove for alternate exploring/camping.