Kayak portage wheel kits

Hellooo…new here. I just purchased a Old Town Loon 126. What’s everyone using for portage wheel kits? I heard a numer of different manufacturers dont work well the way the Loon is shaped in some reviews. Any info appreciated. Its a new kayak…
Still in transit. Can’t waite. Thanx!

I have also heard that Boats with wider, more rounded sterns can pose compatibility problems with some carts. However, if the bow has a more traditional gradual taper, then an easy fix is to attach the cart to the bow instead and drag the boat by the stern handle. I don’t have a Loon, but I use the 7-inch wheeled version of The Kayak Cart strapped to the bow of my OT Camden 120 (it’s bow has a very similar look). Note that the small, solid wheels on The Kayak Cart can be a struggle in dry sand and they’re not the best for rough or rocky terrain.
A lot of people like the C-Tug too, but I don’t own one so can’t offer an experience-based opinion.

We have the cheap aluminum Amazon model with quick removable wheels and fold up frame. I got mine for 36 bucks a couple years ago they are around 50 now.

We haul mostly my OT guide 147 canoe with her OT 10’ rec-kayak on top the canoe. My canoe is 80# her kayak 40# in the canoe we have PFDs and a cooler plus two paddles and day trip supplies. We have close to 200# on the cart and often haul it a couple hundred yards from parking the car to waters edge. We like to make just one trip and be off the ramp in minutes. We place the cart in the center balance of the canoe and we each grab a loop on each end to pull and guide the pile of boats. It is very easy to pull and steer.

The only complaint I have is the tires are tube tires and a couple times each summer they need some air. I now check them each time we leave home.

The other complaint is with a larger boat like yours with a round belly the one cam strap that comes with the dolly isn’t enough you need 2 one for each support point on the frame. I found it awkward reaching under the canoe and looping the straps around the aluminum frame so I tied short lengths of rope to the 4 corners with loops in the end and then pull them tight around the hull with two short hook cam straps. Having the extension ropes all the same length allows me to know the canoe is centered perfectly and when the two cam straps are pulled tight it is as solid as a rock on there. I sometimes remove the wheels and leave the dolly on when car topping. Saves some time. I guess I could even leave the wheels on I just didn’t want them to start spinning with the wind when driving. :canoe: