Kayak portage wheels

What’s the best set of kayak portage wheels for folding up, putting in a hatch, and taking along on the water? Any idea where to buy one online?

Thanks. --David.

This one


Yes, it is expensive. But the first one I bought was a V-shaped one with a strap over the top from REI. It was maybe forty bucks, but it simply doesn’t work.

If you are handy, check out the build it yourself cart at westcoastpaddler.com:


I have Wheeleez
kayak cart mini model ($130 direct from Wheeleez.com) -works very well, and comes apart (wheels come off, fast and simple) and will then fit through standard Valley Canoe Product hatches.

I have a V3
From www.VeeCart.com. Happy with it so far. Wheels come off easily. Haven’t yet tried it on rugged terrain though.

Paddleboy Tomato
I have a Paddleboy Tomato and it fits in the rear hatch of my Necky Santa Cruz. I’ve tested it in soft beach sand and it works very well. FishHawk

Thanks – Paddleboy Tomato…
… is sounding like a good choice – I’ve heard a couple of recommendations for it (not to neglect the other ideas). Naturally, it would cost 50% more than the others ;-))

Thanks. --David.

Kayak Wheels
Check out Custom Design. You can see their cart on Ebay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Canoe-Kayak-Cart-Carrier-Stainless-Large-Wheels-New_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem290142484717QQitemZ290142484717

You won’t regret it.