Kayak Portage Yoke

I am looking to make a portage yoke out of wood.

Has anyone done this and what did you do fro the cockpit coming clamp?



Check the Piragis catalog
They sell a kayak yoke and you might get some ideas from teh picture.


I made one several years ago.
It is simple.

You just make the yoke three or four inches wider than your yak, and then use one double looped tie down strap going under the yak and looped around each end of the yoke - Visualize how you stap your yak down to a vehicle crossbar, and the yoke is the crossbar.

When you build it, make extension blocks about three inches high where your shoulders will be, so your head won’t be in the cockpit when you are portaging.

The secret to using one is finding the balance point of your yak and positioning it there. It is usually just in line with the front of the seat.

I have some pictures that I have e-mailed to a bunch of people, but they are not on the net, so if you drop me an e-mail, I’ll attach them to it and send them back to you.



Got a one I could…
… sell you. Never used. Have to find it…

Like Jackl said.
I put a couple pieces of plywood on top of the board just inside the cockpit rim to stop sideshift, and used a couple layers of closed cell foam to raise it up a couple inches for better visibility. It helps to use a long bowline to help balance but tuck the end under the deck bungees if you drop it it’s almost impossible to pick up and you don’t want to trip over it.

Good Luck


I’ll check that out!!