Kayak portage yoke?

I’m looking for a portage yoke for my touring kayak. The portages I have in mind range from a hundred yards up to a mile. My kayak is 17’ and weighs 47#. Just curious if anyone has ideas on how to rig a yoke that can be installed for carry, and stored while on the water. There is a portable yoke advertised at http://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/browse.cfm/4,4180.htm

But it’s fairly bulky and weighs 3.5 pounds. It’s made to fit different sizes of kayaks, but I’d like to make a simple yoke to fit just my kayak using a simple wing nuts or knurled knobs.


I have one of those I’ll sell for …

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... $45 + shipping. Never used.

Might be able to modify/customize this easier that going from scratch.

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Scan down through some posts here
you can make one with some scraps from your shop and one cam lock buckle type strap that works like a charm.

I just sent pictures out to three posters a couple of days ago.



I like JackL’s strap variation. The yoke I have would work great like that. The slots to adjust the coaming clamps location could be used to secure a strap like that instead (so it can’t slip) or just loop it over the whole thing. The clamps are quicker - but strap might be easier on some coamings and spread the load over the boat better.

How does it work?
I can’t figure out by looking as it.