Kayak positioning on a trailer

Hi all.
I just bought a Malone microsport lowbed trailer. I have the carpeted bunks, for two yaks. The two kayaks I will transport with this trailer are both old towns*

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*. One is an autopilot 120, the other is a 106 pdl. What is the optimal positioning on the trailer for these.I.E. Seat over the trailer wheels, or more forward? Here’s a pic of how it currently sits stored in strong textmy garage.

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I’d say, generally kayaks sit best with cockpit centered between the saddles or crossbars, not necessarily the trailer wheels. More important to move the boats fore or aft a little as needed along with gear placement to keep your tongue weight at 10-15% of the total. I’d add a flag to the stern as it looks like you’re in the vicinity of 4’ of overhang.

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Thank you. I do have a flag that I will attach to the rear of the largest kayak. I will mostly tow one kayak(the larger one) as I compete in fishing tournaments

In Florida they want a light on that overhang at night. A bicycle battery tail light has satisfied the requirement.

I like to center the boats on the bunks. The seat is irrelevant. In this example the boats would go forward around 8-12 inches allowing plenty of tongue weight for the trailer.

I just sold my canoe trailer that I have had for 22 years. I miss it.