Kayak Pro Jet question.

I race OC-2 with my girlfriend but I want the option of racing flatwater alone as well. I think K-1 instead of C-1 and I have some experience paddling sea kayaks. Am I correct that this is a touring class boat? Is this a fun and competitive class? How should this boat fare in this class? Any others I should consider? I cycle, run and skate. Can this boat be an effective fitness trainer? Lastly, would trying anything above this class in a kayak be a mistake? Lots of questions but I appreciate the help as usual.

Jet is in touring class
At least thats what I’ve read. There are a few reviews here under Product reviews. I am not a racer but I paddle the Jet and my opinion is it would be one of the faster boats in the touring class. Its a relatively stable K1 trainer very similar to the Nelo Razor and the SRS Laser. Its got enough stability to handle rougher water than a pure Olympic K1. It has excellent glide and tracks well. The cockpit is long and allows good leg drive and rotation. Its basically a race boat that happens to fit into the touring boat class. Mine is for sale on the classifed here if you are interested and can pick up in So Cal.

race results
Please check www.blackburnchallege.com results and see winning boats listed www.uscanoe.com or nationals also show that eft rules www.westsideboatshop.com designed and built by the man who won this big ocean race 3 times in a row

'Pro Jet’
designed by Jimmy Snyder was a killer squirt boat in it’s time (around early '90s) !


steve (old timer)

icky boat
in my opinion, way better off with an eft from doug at west side.