Kayak Protectant


I am new to this forum and looking for some advice regarding products that people have used on their roto/plastic kayaks. I have been using the Aerospace 303 as a UV protectant and have been happy with the results. We also own a boat and have recently begun using a product called Rejex on the hull of the boat. It is a multi-purpose “wax-Like” product that claims to prevent most anything from sticking to a treated surface (from algae and sludge on boat hulls to bugs on the fronts and windshields of cars). I was wondering if anyone has ever applied this product to their kayak and if so, what were the results. Are there any other products out there that can be applied to help with reducing drag? Thanks.

Drag will be extremely negligible. I paddle a lake that often leaves sludge on my boat. I do wax my boat once on a while and I don’t notice it staying cleaner when I do. Maybe rejex will work but I would be skeptical.

Ryan L.

If you’re really concerned about
scum accumulating on the hull, scrub it off with a sponge at the take-out.

If it’s UV that’s the worry, 303 it often and store it under cover.

Keep in mind that it’s a plastic boat and that it wasn’t meant to last forever. Best to just use it to death.

Hatch rims and covers
get sprayed with Armor-all every few months to make them seat with less effort. Nothing to protect the hull other than storing out of the sun. Any boat wax should help protect the finish from sun damage but won’t effect hull speed.

Rejex is awesome on cars, and most things painted.

However, I don’t think it will help on plastic much, so best to stick to 303.

I use both, Rejex for the car paint, 303 for kayak and car interior (dash).