Kayak Protection; 303, ceramic, wax, hybrid?

first off, hello everyone! my name is Alex and I am new here. I recently purchased one of my dream kayaks, a FeelFree Lure 10, and cannot wait until it arrives and I can get out on the water. I recently have been looking for ways to protect it, and it seems like everyone says 303 aerospace/marine stuff. As a car guy, I keep a lot of types of waxes, ceramic coatings, and ceramic/wax hybrids around my garage and was wondering it anyone has tried any such products on their kayak? Also if I was to try it, would I want to coat the whole kayak, including below the water line?

I periodically use 303 on the entire exterior of my Kevlar kayak. Quick and easy to apply and seems to do a pretty good job in reducing UV damage to my 21 year old boat. Water based and will not build up. Not tacky. Be sure to follow directions and wipe dry. Reapply every 3-5 weeks for maximum protection.

Caution when loading the boat onto a car. It can make the hull rather slippery. I’ve seen people loading from the rear have their boats slide right off the front.

I am one. Slid right off and dinged my wife’s car. No more hull waxing! No need unless you store it in the sun, hull up.

303 is the best thing for boats because it protects from UV light. So does a coat of paint.

I use Meguiers Yacht wax on my decks, composite and plastic. Wax, buff, and no dry time like 303.

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String is spot on. Easiest approach is to use 303 periodically and even that isn’t really needed unless you store your boat outside. A good marine wax may last longer than a 303 treatment.

303 is also good for your vehicles. It’s perfect for your interior and your door seals. If you don’t have 303 in your arsenal this is a good time to get some. If you’d prefer to wax your boat using products you have then I’d read the label and make sure you use something with UV protection.

Thank you all for the replies… I definitely will end up getting some 303, by the sounds of it, it’s the best. I will look and see if anything I have is UV protect ant, since I do already have it in my garage. I don’t plan on store my kayak outside, it will be in a cool dry garage so I don’t expect to constantly need protection but I figured it would be good to just start protecting from the beginning

I just use Pledge and if I am wanting a tropical experience, I break out the Lemon Pledge. We called Old Town years ago and that is what they recommended. It works great. I would only use 303 if I was storing in sunlight. Pledge works just fine under my carport.

It all depends on how frequently you paddle and how long you expect to keep your boat. I you’re paddling frequently in open water UV will eventually affect your boat. It will fade your deck, and degrade lines and especially rubber hatches. Over the long term it can embrittle plastics and epoxies. If you only go out occasionally or paddle shaded waters, you probably don’t meed UV protection. For me it’s not that expensive or hard to apply. My boat spends a lot of time in the sun, although it’s stored indoors.

I recently bought a 1993 Sealution that had been stored a while. I had the same question about what to use on it and ended up buying some Aerospace 303 from Amazon (20$ for 32oz).

The thing I really like about the 303 is it also made the boat look really nice. Not like super glossy, but there were some faded spots that now have the same sheen as the rest of the boat. It gave it that “new kayak look” :slight_smile:

I’m in Florida, and I’m sure the UV protection is a good thing too.

I just put a coat of marine grade wax (Collinite Fleetwax) on my CD Solstice, top and bottom. When I’m not out in it, it’s hanging from the ceiling in my garage. It probably sees less than 60 hours of sunlight each year, so I’m not overly worried about UV damage…

I’m late to this post but just wanted to mention that Delta Kayaks doesn’t recommend the use of 303 on their Thermoformed kayaks. They say it degrades polymers like ABS plastic. I’ve used it on my plastic and inflatable kayaks for years though with good results.

If you have sticky hatch seals use the 303 on them. They won’t stick. I use it on door weather stripping similar to some hatch seals. Doors don’t stick.

Just 303’d my dash and doors today. Looks new…
I use car wax on the kayak… :sunglasses:


303 protectant helps reduce damage from UV. Don’t use it on your boat. Trust the manuf.

I have never waxed a boat in my life, but that does not mean you shouldn’t. Do whatever makes you happy.

I’m thinking I will contact the company and see what they suggest. As I will be storing it inside the only sun time will be when I’m on the water but I would rather be safe then sorry and keep my kayak in good share whether it be for resale or just so it lasts me as long as it can.

I ended up buying some 303 and also tried it on my car dash, I think it worked as good or better than a lot of my different detailing supplies!

I found that it lasts a long time on the interior of the car…
Just too expensive to use on the tires… :sunglasses: