Kayak purchase recommendations requested

280 lbs, 6’6" tall, 68 years old, needing stability and comfortable seating
Thank you for your time

What sort of use? Fishing? Distance paddling? Flatwater lakes? Coastal paddling? Sit on top or sit inside?

Not dissimilar to above. Why do you list stability first? Similar to above, is it for something like fishing? Or a swimming or mobility issue? Or you have tried kayaks that were too small for you so they were shaky?

And where you would be paddling matters. A boat being stable means different hull profiles in flat water or waves for ex.

Price range?

You may want to read an article in California Kayaker Magazine on different types of boats and what conditions they are made for. Issue #10 and can be read online for free at http://calkayakermag.com/magazine.html. This will hopefully help you target in on the type of boat you would be interested in. If it does, let us know what type and answer the questions above and we can then help by providing suggestions.