kayak purchase

I 54 yr old grandmother novice kayaker, but love it. I live withing 300 feet of the Neuse River and there is a lake within 4 blocks. I want to buy a kayak. Money has kept me from buying so once a year I do a day trip. Now I see the inflatables on ebay. Sporting goods employees tell me they are safe but hard to get in and out of. I have had two back surguries but that was 5 years ago. I will be launching from the river bank. I have been told people hurt their ankles getting entering exiting kayaks. I would love to bring my grandson age 3 with me. He and I did a canoe trip around the lake last fall and had a ball. I am looking on ebay and since some inflatables are under fifty dollars I can buy one. I want advice. Kayak trip leaders have told me to get an Old towne because of stability. I haven’t gotten close to the money for that so need advice on where to look for a used one or is inflatable good enough?

get a sot…
(sit on top)

There pretty stable, easy to get in and out, and not to expensive.


Inflatables cover a wide range of quality, from the $50 WalMart specials all the way to $2000 Aire inflatables. As with all other things, you get what you pay for.

Right now I’m paddling one of the Advanced Elements Airframe inflatables, and I find it to be as stable as any SOT I’ve been on. But… it’s a little more than $50. There are some on eBay, but I wouldn’t recommend them, the 2003 model is supposed to track much better than the older ones.

Try waldensports
I’m a perception fan, myself with a Swifty that weighs in at just 37 lbs. Waldensports are just as economical and even lighter. Most anything in a recreational boat would have a large enough cockpit to get in and out as easily as with a canoe. For less expensive equipment, try the classifides on this site. If it’s still to prohibitive for you, go with the inflatables. It’s a start and will get you into the water.


will ckeck if we have a demo
I see if there is a used at the yark and if there is any trucks going by NC I thinking a Swift Adirondack 13.6 would suit you nice