Kayak purchase

I have been looking to buy a fiberglass sit in kayak, with a little budget, i found two recently on craigslist, one seems to be an Impex/Formula diamante from 2000 with skeg, the other a Valley nordkap HMC from 1999, no skeg or rudder…both from the original owner with little use in recent years…i have looked at reviews and at 5.9 and 150pds,i’m wondering what boat would fit me better and which one would be of better quality in the long run…i’m planning to use the kayak primarily for day touring along the coast and ponds of the vineyard and build my skills from there…any suggestion ?

I don’t know if either of them fits your size and intended use. The Nordkapp was designed for loaded touring and has a reputation – especially the older versions – of not handling well when paddled empty. The hull design emphasizes tracking over maneuverability.

I don’t know the Daimante, but one spec sheet I found online lists 150 pounds as the bottom of the recommended paddler weight range. The Diamante does appear to be better suited to day paddling.

I’d pass on the Nordkapp and demo the Diamante.

Why not
Give both boats a look. I would not reject the Nordkapp out of hand. I would also not be done looking if neither boat strikes you as being what you’re after.

Kayak purchase

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Thanks for the info, there is so many kayaks out there,hard to choose,my budget is under a thousand so i'm trying to find an older fiberglass kayak,light,fast,stable,fun for day trip at first to possibly grow into more adventure...at 5.9 150 pds,what would be a good kayak i can grow into ?

Go for it
The Diamanté is a Currituck (made for the Canadian market by Impex) just with hard hatch covers rather than VCP rubber ones. If the kayak is sound, get it and go paddle.

I’m sure there are plenty of reviews of the Currituck here on P-Net that can be used for gaining some performance insight into the Diamanté.

Have fun.

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experience ?

a touring hull is specialized equipment asking for experience maneuvering a kayak hull. Averaged touring hulls are stable suggesting novice use age yet touring hull stability snubs the paddling learning curve for turning, edging, rolling…practices for quick responses for unstable conditions.

If skills are below what is termed intermediate then a shorter more maneuverable. and cheaper…practice hull is a wiser choice.