Kayak purchase

I am interested in buying a first recreational kayak for use in and around Lake Washington (Seattle). I would be interested in buying a used kayak, possibly a 2-person kayak.

Does anyone have recommendations of where to look (stores, sites, etc.) & brands?

Is a good bet


It’s absurd how many good kayaks are for sale in the Seattle area for so little. For the beginner OP, check out the Easy Rider Dolphin 14’9 by 25", for $575, not in plastic but in FIBERGLASS. Hard to go wrong with that.

And that Mariner II for $1100, oh man, but it’s not a beginner’s boat…

Just for kicks
You are lucky to live in the Seattle area and close to the home of NC Kayaks. I realize that you are most likely not in the market yet for the kind of boats that NC builds, but it would be well worth your time to take a little drive down to Tacoma and visit with Doug at Novus Composites.

45 days in the hole …


a hull as the above poss with a bit more rocker if you look for river and bay/sound/strrait use. ‘wider behind cockpit’

river touring in Wa/Or equals sea kayaking …eg going east during rains west brings sunny skies n clear bubbling streams.