Kayak Questions

Yeah, I’m new to this kayaking thing so am really stupid about some of it. This is a clean up question. I know there is no way in hell to keep grit out of the cockpit but is a damp sponge the only way to clean it out? My arms have shrunk just like the rest of me as I’ve gotten older and have a hard time getting to the junk seems to be plastered on near the footpegs. I guess I could out the hose…soon…and give a good blast with that. How do you experienced folks do this!


I do it in the water!
I take it out past the cruddy water, capsize, turn it over, slosh it about, and drain it. A sea kayak with well-positioned bulkhead will drain just by lifting the bow when it’s upside-down.

The first paddle of the season I try to do this where no one can see me!


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I usually hose the kayaks down after every trip - paranoid of rust on the bolts and it just bothers me to see salt residue and grit in cockpits when they are hanging in the garage ;-)

If you have space in your yard, you could flip the kayak upside down and give the cockpit a good rinse with the hose.

Better yet, if you have a pair of strong saw horses and some foam blocks - its easier to hose the cockpit when on top of those. Just make sure it won't roll off ;-)

shop vac
I love my compact Shop Vac on wheels. Nothing easier or faster for getting wet or dry crud out of the boat once you get home.

When mine gets too much sea weed…
growing in it, I’ll just discard it and buy a new one.

That is what I keep telling “the bride”, and since she lovs me so much she takes pity, and always cleans it after she cleans hers.

So the secret here is to marry a good women !

Jack L

Hose 'Em Out
I just lay the boats on their stsorage rack, deck down, and flush the cockpit thoroughly with the hose. In no-hose situations, I dump some water into the cockpit, swish it around, then flip it deck-down to drain it - gets the heavy stuff out.