Kayak Race on the Potomac River - Video Highlights

The Great Falls Foundation hosted an attainment race yesterday for kayakers (and one canoe) at Angler’s Inn on the Potomac River near Washington DC.
Here are some video clips from the race. Enjoy! And feel free to share if you’d like.


Thanks! Watched, liked and shared.
Newb question?
What is Attainment Race? What makes it different than other races?


Looks like a tough race. Did all finish?

Attainment races go UP a rapid. Often they will start at the top, race to the bottom and then return to the start line as the finish. They require a considerable knowledge of how to use the current and features to move upstream.


Very enjoyable video! Thanks for posting.

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Ahhh… ok. I was wondering why we didn’t see any long sea kayaks, rapids, that makes sense.

And it sure looked like the black boat jumped the start by 1 second, why do that?

And man, it looked tough!

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If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying!

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forget racing, just finishing would be an accomplishment- enjoyed the variety of craft: downriver racer, slalom boat, ww long boat, long rec boat, even a canoe!


Yes, me too. But, in the end there, where was the canoe/canoer?

Upstream eddylines,
in a high-kneel.
Crossovers in cross-currents?
One leg-up on no appeal…

Out of that chute wobble.
Wobble-wobble into funnel.
Gobble-gobble slurps the river.
Gone’s our man over the gunnel.

(Spoken by a veteran canoe poler into pole vaulter. Or, as Topher would describe it, an “aggressive step out” practicioner.)

Very cool race and concept. I too spied a variety of older and recent WW hulls. Also saw a Greenland paddle on the lime green boat at about time mark 1.26.