Kayak Racing

I have been browsing the Paddling Articles and came across “Naming of Parts - Kayaks, by Tamia Nelson” It shows the drawing of the Kayak and description of the parts. My Question: does anyone know where I might find a drawing like this for training purposes, At least 3 or 4 feet square. I work with the Boy Scouts, ages 11 to 18 and will need to do some training. We are planning a Kayak Race in late August “GEORGIA THUNDER KAYAK RACES”. It will be 4 age groups, and over 200 Scouts.

Thanks for looking…Terry

About naming of parts. I have an old greg barton video that gives that info on video on vhs that I will mail to you at no charge if you send address. For a scout race may I suggest many win a firstst place prize so many will be happy and come back next year. Prize could say First place burnt unto piece of pallet board or barn board. Something huge about winning. What about the great old days of scout canoes. They are big here in adirondacks… 20 to 30 ft long

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Copy the file, take the disc to a print shop like Kinkos, or Speedy or the local equivalent and ask what a poster would cost.

Use a little creativity if its expensive- in kind services by the troop instead of cash, for example.

As it is not commercial use, I am sure Tamia wont object.


print small copies of the drawing, and have a poster making contest with a prize- who will be the troops best artist/draftsman/CAD user? I see there is a drafting merit badge, this could be a project for it.