Kayak rack for 07 Honda CRV

I am interested in buying an 07 Honda CRV, but am having trouble finding a Thule or Yakima adaptation for this car. Any thoughts, experience, suggestions?

Redesigned CRV Problem?
I’ve got a 04 CRV and have a Yakima rack that works great. However, I’ve noticed that the re-designed CRV’s have the radio antenna mounted on the roof instead of the fender. This might be problematic for carrying certain loads on the roof.

Have one
I have not bothered putting a rack on it yet since I have a minivan with huge bar spread that I prefer for paddling.

Couple things I know though from experience and reading on a the Hondasuv website:

The bar spread on the '07 is down considerably from the 06 and prior models. Bar spread on the '07 is 26"

The Thule and yakima kits from the previous models do not work. In addition to other fit problems, the '07 has studs whereas the previous models (I understand) had holes.

Yakima is working on adapters, they could even be just out. You may want to call them. I don’t know about Thule.

Talking from a boat racking perspective only, the '07 Rav4 is clearly a better choice than the the '07 CRV.

According to the Fit Guide you get a 27" bar spread capable of handling 165 pounds. Needed are #430 Foot Pack, TK15 Fit Kit and LB50 Bars. Select Thule Dealers have a 20% Thule Days sale that ends today 4/28/07. Might want to get the rack components before the car and save some $.

Some even on eBay! Stores.

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Not for the '07
According to the Thule Fit Guide, if you plug in the details for a 2007 Honda CRV, you get “At this time we do not have a multipurpose rack system that we recommend for use.”

A good friend of mine built his own fit kit for his '07 CRV, it looks great and he says it works beautifully. I’ll see if I get some pics from him and post them to Webshots.


Dealer Guide
I’m using the Dealer Fit Guide, not the online version, as I carry Thule here in my showroom. Online fit guide might not have been updated quite yet.

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