kayak rack for Suaru Outback Wagon

I’m thinking of getting a Subaru Outback wagon. I now use Yakima racks on my Toyota Matrix with Marco saddles (made here in Florida). Has anyone outfitted an Outback for hauling a kayak or canoe & what rack system did you use? The Outback comes with rails & Yakima has a rail grabber mount that should work, but I’m concerned about how stable it is. I’ve never had a problem w/my present rack. Thanks.

Yakima has a mount for post 2010’s
… but it is newer so there is not as much experience with it as the pre-2010 mounts. That said, take a look at the changes for 2013 models. They did something to create a further back position on the factory racks if you want to try relying on them as cross bars.

The 2013 Outbacks…
Will have more crossbar spread as Celia said. I have a 2012 Outback and installed the Yakima landing pads and control towers. Solid setup but only 30 inches of bar spread and a little tall and I’m 6’2. Overall I wish the car was a little lower (I don’t need 9 inches of ground clearance) and had the Euro rails, but otherwise its a great car, tons of space, good gas mileage, quiet, and comfortable. You could probably get a smokin deal on a 2012, people are suggesting almost $4500 off the sticker and just deal with it, or wait for the 2013 and the updated rack system.