kayak rack on Honda Fit?

We’re thinking about getting a new Honda Fit and I’m wondering how a kayak rack will work. the roof seems to be pretty sloped, and also there is that little antenna thingy on the back- seems like that will get bumped taking kayaks on and off. We’d be taking the old thule rack system off a full size Chevy blazer, not sure how much of it we’d be able to use on the Honda. suggestions? thanks!

Check Thule’s Fit fit information. They
probably are all set on the issue. As for that little center antenna, probably you can just let it deviate however it wants when you carry boats. If you aren’t carrying a Grumman canoe, a little angle on the antenna shouldn’t affect reception.

My buddy, Dave…
…has a Honda Fit and regularly carries his Explorer and a Romany on a Yakima rack. Works for him.


I must be the only person in the world…
that buys a vehicle to carry my boats.

I see post after post on here about people buying a new vehicle and then trying to figure out how that car/truck will carry their boats.

My last six vehicles were chosen on the fact that I could easily switch my Yakama rack system, (with the bikes, J cradles and ski rack) to them and that I could easily carry three boats with them.



Totally agree, JackL…
…that’s why I passed up that Audi TT Roadster convertible for my Ford Edge…

it really sucks when you think of the boat before yourself!!


I always check
the yakima site to make sure I can put the rack on the new wheels before I purchase them.

When shopping for my first new car a year and a half ago, my main priority was fuel economy (and that was when gas was $2.50). I considered the Honda Fit, Ford Focus hatchback, and the Toyota Yaris hatch.

I didn’t like the looks and fit-finish of the Fit, no one stocked the Focus hatch (and instead tried to sell me an Explorer), and I zeroed in on the Yaris. But the front end offered NO decent tiedown points and was almost entirely plastic; when I grabbed the bumper and twisted, the entire front end was tweaked and made little ‘squeak-squeak’ sounds.

Most importantly, I checked both Yakima’s and Thule’s websites and neither made a rack for the Yaris Hatchback. My friend assured me they eventually would but a year and a half later, they still don’t …

I ended up buying a Toyota Matrix. Moved my trusty Yakima rack system over from my old car, added Top-Ties for lash points, and now get over 30 MPG with two boats and camping gear cruising at 70.

Always pays to check the boat-hauling capabilities of any new vehicle purchase.



that’s cause we’re full on boat geeks
possibly the original poster hasn’t lost their minds entirely yet as we have…

of course one chooses the vehicle first. and if it ain’t just ideal. then you drill holes in it and put custom tracks up there… go to Rackattack.com for details…

Fit guides
One thing you need to keep in mind when using the various fit guides - rack manufacturers typically assume that people do not want to modify their vehicles.

If you are not afraid to drill a couple of holes in the roof, whole new world of rack options opens up:

  1. You can use various “landing pads”, to which you attach towers with regular bars.
  2. You can also install tracks - here is one blogger who did it on Toyota Prius http://thulepriusrack.blogspot.com/

    Tracks accept similar towers.

Yakima fits just fine on the Fit
…and for longer trips, there is a tow point that screws into the front bumper.


Me Too Jack
I passed on a Honda Element because it is not kayak friendly.

I think this is the reason many paddlers/bikers end up in Subarus. The Forester has to be one of the best vehicles for paddlers; good span between racks, low roof, lotsa room in back for wet gear, and respectable fuel mileage. In New England you see more Foresters with kayaks on their roof than any other car. Its almost a cliche’.

I posted a picture of my surfski on top of my Forester in my profile if anyone is interested in seeing how well a long boat can fit on a smaller vehicle, if it’s the right vehicle.

I always check on racks first.
a vehicle that can’t carry a boat is worthless to me.

It’s that first hole that …
really hurts!



thanks everyone for
all your imput! We havn’t actually bought the Honda Fit, just looking at this point… probably will buy one tho next week. Don’t worry- I have a Honda Civic that always has a rack on so it’s no problem to carry the kayaks. the Fit would be my husband’s commuting car. I was thinking ahead for long trips and also using the rack for holding our roof top carrier for dive gear etc. if all else fails we can always take the Civic. it’s amazing how much stuff we can cram inside and on top.