Kayak Rack Too Narrow?

I have the Thule rack on my car spread out as far as it will go (about 3 1/2’) I’m looking to buy a used Eddyline

S-18 (18’). That means I’ll have about 7 1/2’ of kayak sticking out past the rack supports on both ends. I’m concerned this might case undue stress on the hull while bouncing down the road. Is this a legitimate concern? Should I consider a J style rack where it lays on it’s side?

V racks
Look at www.goodboykayaks.com site he’s has really nice racks that detach the V’s so when your driving without the boat you get better fuel milage or to fit in the garage. It takes about 15 seconds to put the boat on and strap it down. Much safer for longer boats. Good luck. Chaz

V-racks are the bomb

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I see Goodboy has done some new detachable V designs, they look well done. I have similar products done by Kayakpro, the EZ-Vee. EZ-Vee is more money, the bonus being a powder coat finish, welded construction and the boat is carried a few inches lower.

Not enough people know about this rack style - they are a truly rock-solid way to carry a kayak. The only setup I've seen that's as good or better was a Volvo station wagon with padded aero crossbars about 7 ft apart. A trailer would be as good, I suppose, if you have room for one.


I didn’t care for my Malone Sea Wings
unless the boat had a deep vee hull (Eddyline Nighthawk 16).

The other boats slipped around a bit.

The pressure points are on the softer parts of the hull, rather than near the hull/deck seam area.

I prefer the Thule Set-to-Go saddles. More work to set up, but contact points in the right place and more adjustable for more hull shapes.

4’ isn’t so short
I carry my 17’ in the Thule saddles and they seem just fine. A kayak isn’t like a 17’ long 2x4; it is pretty rigid and shouldn’t be damaged in transit.

A couple years ago I bought a 26’ rowing shell and carried it home on a 4’ wide roof rack. I checked with the manufacturer first and they didn’t see a problem. The ends didn’t bounce at all; the rigidity/weight ratio is too high. A kayak isn’t quite as high, but it is also much shorter.

It will be fine.

Not a problem
I carry both an 18’3" kayak and a 19’ surf ski on a similar spread.