kayak rack

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I'll be building a kayak rack and wondering what the schools of thought are with regard to storage angle.
I've seen some flat stored, flipped and other stored at a 30-45º angle flipped.
Does it matter?

Arches are general stronger than flat. Most boats have a fairly strong short arch on their sides - with a fairly flat bottom. Likewise the bottom of some hulls are thicker than the decks.

If your rack is rigid - you generally want the short arch touching the rack (boat on it’s side). If your boats are held by straps - pressure will generally be distributed and not much of an issue.

That said - some boats can be supported perfectly fine on their bottoms. Ultimately it will depend on the hull.

I like mine on their hulls in cradles
If they are plastic, the wider you make the cradles the happier your boat(s) will be.

Jack L

what we did
we built with straight arms and the kayaks are on their tops.

now need to get a loop lock