kayak rack

Anyone here who has a setup like this? Would like to know if it’s a nice DIY or better to buy a ready-made rack.

Found this Kayak rack with tonneau cover in Instructables.

How are you going to load the boats? Cradles? Rollers? Not all cradles work well with round bars. Generally bar of one manufacturer work best with that manufacturers cradles.

If you have plastic boats bare bars can be ok. Just don’t over tighten with ratchet straps.

Best way to load on a truck rack is with extenders from the side or from the back with rollers. You will need to get up into the bed. How will that work with a tonneau.?

You will likely need a step stool, 2 or 3 step.

Sometimes to get less boat in front of the rack putting a roof rack on the cab makes sense.

Side loading one end at a time with pvc pipe extender. Yakima truck rack with Yakima cradles. Note moving boat one end at a time walking the ends into the cradles. Your diy rack had extensions options. It did not have cradles. No cradles may require bow and stern lines.