Kayak racks for coupes- any suggestions?

My buddy has a 2003 Acura RSX and is looking to get a rack to fit multiple kayaks on. Does anyone have any suggestions or references to point us in the right direction? Thanks.

Yakima has extender racks for coupes
but I think it’s ambitious to want to carry more than three kayaks on a coupe. The rack clamps are so close together, it limits the grip in a horizontal plane.

4 ways
1st way - using “landing pads” or “rails” and attaching other accessories to them. This requires drilling into the roof. Results in nice and sturdy arrangement.

2nd way - using 2 regular bars + extension kit.

3rd way - using regular bar + hitch mounted support. ( requires hitch).

For 1-3, bow and stern ties should be used.

4th way - kayak trailer, requires hitch

Go to the Thule and Yakima websites
Type in the exact model of the coupe, and they will give you all your options. Both sites are very user friendly for figuring out what exactly you would need for your specific car.