Kayak Racks for pre-existing roof rack.

I just purchased my first kayak. It is a Necky Cruiser II. I have an Expedition with a roof rack on it. Are there kayak roof carriers that can attach to my pre-existing roof rack? Any advice for transporting my kayak would be greatly appreciated.



My Setup

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I have the Thule Set-To-Go saddles on the front and the Hydro-Glides on the rear (Honda CRV). Mounted to the existing racks which run across the roof, and I can load either of our 14s by myself if need be.


Something New
Your post got me looking around the Thule site and

they have something out that looks pretty sweet.


I think you should shell out the cash and give us

all a product review.


I use Malone autoloaders. Fantastic for the vehicle and even better on the boat. Great grip and easy to load and unload.

Many options
any commercial rack will work on your existing car rack crossbars for the most part. Thule, Yakima, Malone all make good products that will attach directly to your crossbars. The fact you have only one kayak to carry makes it all the easier. If your suv is tall you may want to consider some of the options with rollers for the rear of the vehicle. That way once you get the bow on the roller it is a one man operation to simply roll it on the roof until you get it to the forward cradle…Good luck you have many options price is pretty much the only determining factor they are all good products.